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How to Achieve Straight-Through AP Invoice Processing

Manually processing AP invoices is a huge challenge for organizations, putting undue strain on resources, slowing growth, and reducing profit. In this whitepaper, we examine how every AP team can leverage straight-through invoice processing to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and eliminate invoice exceptions.

Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • What straight-through invoice processing is and why it matters 

  • The problems with optical character recognition (OCR) and how to solve them

  • How to eliminate invoice exceptions once and for all

  • The step-by-step process every organization can take to automate AP processes

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    Imagine if your AP invoices were processed automatically, with no staff intervention.
    Transcepta can get you there.

What is straight-through AP invoice processing? 

When an invoice is processed “straight-through,” it means that when it arrives from a supplier, it is validated and transferred directly into your AP or ERP system, ready to pay, with no manual intervention.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • The steps you need to take to remove the need for human touchpoints
  • How AI and machine learning help automate the invoice process
  • How Transcepta can help you achieve 100% straight-through processing
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The benefits of straight-through processing

Straight-through invoice processing can have a huge impact on not only your AP department, but on your entire organization. The ability to digitize incoming invoices, verify accuracy, and route them directly into your ERP system, ready to pay, removes a massive amount of time, effort, and cost from the AP function.

The benefits of straight-through processing to AP

  1. Free up resources by removing all manual data entry 
  2. Eliminate invoice exceptions using AI and machine-learning driven invoice validation
  3. Eliminate supplier inquiries by providing predictable payment cycles and visibility into the payment process
  4. Speed up payment processing and cycle time
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Here's what our customers say

"7‐Eleven views e‐invoicing as an effective way to make Accounts Payable more efficient and provide our vendors with a timely, predictable payment process. 7‐Eleven selected Transcepta because the Transcepta service connects vendors of any size very quickly in a scalable way. Transcepta is the only solution we’ve seen that has demonstrated that type of supplier onboarding success.”

John Ehrie

Vice President and Controller, 7-Eleven

"We wanted to move to electronic invoicing but were concerned about supplier adoption. Transcepta was able to transition us away from paper by providing a solution that worked for both Tim Hortons and our suppliers. Now we’re more efficient, green, and in a position to grow our business without adding headcount to cover the invoice growth.”

David G. Kraulis

Senior Manager of Financial Operations, Tim Hortons

"Our disparate AP processes were interrupting service to our customers. We could not effectively process AP invoices due to a litany of different problems from our branches, to our outsourced AP provider, to our vendors. As soon as we began the Transcepta implementation, we noticed that our exception rate for the vendors went down significantly. We began to run from a 25% exception rate down to as low as a 4% exception rate."

Angela Boyd

Chief Accounting Officer, FleetPride

Did you know that Invoice Exceptions are the #1 problem facing AP professionals today?

In this whitepaper, we examine how to completely eliminate invoice exceptions and remove the barriers holding AP back from automation.